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Mostly a choice of additional bits of information to show at the side of the page, but the one titled "Show images in stories and comments" toggles whether images are displayed in comments and stories. Unselect it for browsing HuSi without it being too obvious.

Ok, someone should make a stab at this. Here's a list of all the user preferences on the site. This may need to be broken down into seperate pages, and re-formatted as a definition list. Some items could be removed as self-explanatory, or several could be collapsed together into a single entry. Screenshots may be helpful.

Note by hulver Don't go too mad with this, as I'm planning on changing the user prefs layout & options soon.

User Preferences

{Description of User Preferences goes here}

Display Preferences

{Description of Display Preferences goes here}

Comment Preferences

{Description of Comment Preferences goes here}

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