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Your Files

Being the all-round great chap he is, Hulver lets you upload a few files to his server for you to share with the rest of the world. This isn't just handy for use as a general 'clipboard', but is the only way that you can insert images into your Stories?, Posting Comments or Signatures? using Post Images. Now, Hulver is a nice guy and all, but his server host doesn't provide infinite disc space, so you're currently limited to approximately 4 Megabytes of file space

To upload a file, you want to click on the ['your files'] link in the UserMenu? which will give you the management page for your files. You can use this page to upload, rename and delete files to, in and from your files area.

Uploading Files:

The last set of controls on the Your Files page allow you to upload a file to HuSi. When you click on the 'Choose File' button, you will be presented with your browser's standard file navigation dialog box. Select the file you wish to upload, and the path to that file should appear next to the 'Choose File' button. Press the 'Upload' button, wait a few seconds, and the page should reappear with your new file now in the file list.

Renaming Files:

To rename a file, select the radio button to the left of the file you wish to rename. Below the file list, there should be a button labeled 'Rename Selected File' with a text box beside it. Enter the new filename you wish to use for this file, and click the 'Rename Selected File' button.

Deleting Files:

Select the radio button to the left of the file you wish to delete. Double check that this is the correct file, and the correct radio button. Click the 'Confirm' checkbox below the 'Rename File' controls. (You checked that you've selected the correct file, right?) When you're sure, click the 'Delete Selected File' button.

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