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User Stylesheets

HuSi lets you use your own stylesheet to change the appearence of the site.

There was an old method that required you to re-implement the entire style sheet for the site to put your own changes in. The new method is much simpler.

The styles for HuSi now use cascading. There is a main style sheet (http://www.hulver.com/main.css). Other themes such as the dark theme (used in The Hole) override portions of this style sheet in order to change colours.

Now, if you wanted to change the background colour of HuSi in your style sheet, you would just have to create a style sheet with

	background-color: pink;
	font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;

Now save this in a file called "style.css" and upload it to your files area. Now go to display preferences and set your style to "user_supplied". This will then use your style sheet as well as the main one, with your styles overriding the main styles.

User styles sheets don't work in The Hole.

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