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Place: Orien server on DDO

Date: Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time: 9pm EST / 6pm PST (if you're late, you can still join in)

Pre-requisites: DDO client installed, finish the brief tutorial (the beach and cleric in the grotto quest), freshly arrived in snowy Korthos as a level 1 of whatever class you think you might have the most fun playing (don' sweat it too much, you can always change later by starting another character)

If this time slot doesn't work for you, someone will be able to get you caught up for any future sessions, if this all turns out to be fun. The game isn't linear, so as long as there isn't too much of a level gap, and as long as we all leave snowy Korthos at the same time, we'll be fine.

I can try and help out anyone who needs it beforehand, just send a pm to marvin with a time and a phone number. I can phone on a landline since long distance telephone doesn't cost much anymore. With my wife working nights Dec 25, 26 and 27, and the kids occupied with new toys, I can find an hour or two anytime between 9pm Dec 25 (PST) and the 27th, except for Sunday morning. I know Johnny might be in need of assistance (if kellnerin is unavailable), most of the rest of you are experienced gamers.

People and characters

Husi nick           Time zone  Class               Char name 
=========           (+/- GMT)  =====               =========
marvin              GMT-8      Cle                 Khimberlite    
wumpus              GMT-5      Barb                Hravock
mrgoat                         Rog
johnny              GMT-5 
Kellnerin           GMT-5      Ran                 Nesseinbryd (call me "Ness")
  (when mrgoat isn't around)   Rog                 Erinkelln
D (aka Mr. Kellnerin)          Pal                 Ryathnem
Gedvondur           GMT-6
muchagecko          GMT-8  
MartiniPhilosopher  GMT-6      Barb
misslake            GMT-5      Ran                 Delores


Tentatively, we can try to get a group together on Friday nights, 7 PST/10 EST, or some time on Saturday.

If you can't make all the sessions, you can catch up on your own until you're roughly the same level as the rest of the group. Currently the characters are between levels 1-3.

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