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Introduction to Adverts on HuSi

When the demands put on HuSi's resources by a swollen population of compulsive page-reloading bastards reaches the bandwidth-hosing point of abject hardware failure, the Adverts section may be used to run advertisements in order to raise money to save the site.

Until that dark day comes however, the Adverts section serves primarily as a vehicle to propagate informative or entertaining hyperlinks for other users of the site. A running ad is inserted randomly into pages generated by Scoop. (What Is Scoop), displaying the content of the ad in a small box in the upper-right side of the screen.

Guidelines for Acceptable Use

Once ads are submitted they have to be approved by our king before the campaign will run. If Hulver likes your ad, it gets approved. If he doesn't then he reserves the right to delete all your posting history and remove your account. He may even run over your pet.

As a general guideline submitted ads should be useful, or provide a source of fun or learning to the HuSi community. Pornography is frowned upon, unless it is particularly novel, hilarious or otherwise noteworthy. Ads pointing to controversial material like racist diatribes or political manifestoes should be framed carefully to avoid offending users with delicate constitutions.

Do not whine if an ad you have submitted has been rejected. Think of it as an object lesson illustrating a particular bound of these ephemeral guidelines, and consider yourself richer in knowledge for the experience. Do not re-submit a rejected ad. Ever.

Components of an Advert

Order Size: Ad campaigns can vary from 1 000 impressions (in other words, the ad appears on one thousand served pages) to 20 000 impressions, or any multiple of a thousand in between. It used to be quick and easy to renew a campaign, but Hulver deactivated this feature because the constant reruns were annoying us all.

Link: The meat of an ad is the hyperlink. This is where someone who clicks on the title of the ad will be taken. Hyperlinks must be absolute and complete (in other words use http://www.hulver.com/scoop/modsub instead of www.hulver.com/scoop/modsub or ../modsub. Submitting an ad without first testing the hyperlink is considered a symptom of severe retardation.

Ad Title: This is the text that will be hyperlinked. The ad title must be twenty (20) characters or less, including spaces and punctuation.

Ad Text 1: This is the supporting text, which should feature a scintillating subhead like "Step AWAY from the keyboard!" This ad text must be fifty (50) characters or less, including spaces and punctuation.

Comments: If the Allow Comments checkbox is enabled, users seeing your ad will be able to leave comments about it, just like with any other Scoop article or diary. You can then engage in a bout of Rating Comments to demonstrate how urbane or witty or drunk or angry you are.

Advert Resources

Once your campaign is active your advert details will appear on your Advertisement Information Page, accessible via the Your Ads link on the right side of the screen, providing you with a readout of remaining impressions and the click-through rate to date. Submit an ad: http://www.hulver.com/scoop/submitad

Browse all ads: http://www.hulver.com/scoop/section/adverts

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