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By johnny (Fri Aug 13, 2010 at 01:23:31 AM EST) sex, marriage, silicon valley, meteors, nosalgia, wondering, persieds, time (all tags)
Tonight is the night of the Persied Meteor Shower. It brings back a memory.

I think I may have told this story here before, and if I have, and if you happened to have read it and even more remarkably remember it, please forgive.

(NSFW topic wise, but nothing too explicit.)

One night long, long ago, at least twenty years ago, when Dear Wife and I were in very physically close husband-wife proximity, I told her of a hot woman I had seen that day, how excited she had made me. And Dear Wife sweetly responded, "If the situation ever comes up and you see a woman and you have to have her, you just must have her, go ahead and have her, on me. That's my gift to you."

So a few years later, I did.

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