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Ok, so I'm not your favorite kuron. But I didn't misbehave when I came here, at least.

Bad news first (for me, you guys might get a kick out of it)... funding troubles at the startup I'm at again. Looking for a new job, and it sucks.

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Working life
By NoMoreNicksLeft (Fri Nov 09, 2007 at 02:46:04 PM EST) culture, work, unemployment, startup, loserosity (is this a work?) (all tags)
In September 2006, a guy I knew only from IRC from years back looked me up, and offered me a job. $60,000 a year at a startup in Atlanta, GA. I was unemployed, not uncommon for me, and this was nearly twice as much as I've ever made. That and some personal things led me to accept and make the move.

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