Print Story "Are those... leather patches on your elbows?"
YES. Gentlemen, behold! There are leather patches on my elbows. I am unstoppable. I think I am now officially a Republican liberal arts grad student now that I have entered the Academy. The Academy of People with Leather Patches on the Elbows.

NO. I walked by the cafe downstairs on the way in: the Russian girl was there again. I can be stopped. Which will win: Russian coffee girl or leather patches on the elbows?

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Print Story Photo Friday: Weaving
By stark (Thu Aug 30, 2007 at 11:01:18 PM EST) photos, photo of the day, weaving, tweed, lewis (all tags)
Today we have some photos illustrating the weaving done in the living museum of Gearrannan, a formerly inhabited "blackhouse village" on the Isle of Lewis. In this case these houses were occupied until the late sixties. (The name "blackhouse" comes from the difference between the older stone houses and the newer white-painted modern housing.)

The weaver here is creating a tweed cloth - the (relatively) famous Harris Tweed.

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