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Husi Stock
By MostlyHarmless (Sat Jul 19, 2008 at 05:07:25 AM EST) HuSiStock, Toronto, drunken tomfoolery (all tags)
Things to strike off my bucket list:
  • Get soundly clocked on the jaw by misstrish
  • Get soundly humiliated while drunkenly arm-wrestling ni
  • Get soundly hungover in oppressive Torontonian heat and humidity
So far Toronto has been a wild success!

I fear there may be pictures...

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Print Story Scifi! Scifi! Scifi! Expo! Expo! Expo!

You know those cheesy scifi conventions where people dress up as Klingons to stand in line for overpriced autographs from C-list has-been actors? Well, I've never been to one despite the fact that I'm a big nerd (and despite writing a story on the subject).

But this weekend I will not only be attending a scifi convention, I'll be an exhibitor. No, really.

I will not, however, be dressing as a Klingon.

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Print Story Being Drunk With Family
I'm not sure exactly when family get-togethers became an excuse to down a bottle of rye, but I'm certainly not against this new tradition.

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