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listen up you rat bastard: don't you even pretend to know what i'm about. 'cause you don't know what i'm about. you don't know what i was about. you don't know what i'll ever be about.

there's things you don't know about me, cbb. things you wouldn't understand. things you couldn't understand. things... you shouldn't understand.

i'm bad, cbb. you don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me. i'm a loner, cbb. a rebel.

Update [2006-4-4 22:13:2 by rmg]: by the way, everybody, be sure to sign up for rmg's laundry day coming up this thursday-- it's on the event calendar!

Update [2006-4-4 22:13:2 by rmg]: everybody except cheeseburgerbrown.

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