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By gzt (Wed Dec 26, 2018 at 10:29:02 PM EST) gzt, bicycling, grad school, python, programming, tablet, death, destruction (all tags)
I figured that, now that I'm back home, I'd take maybe .5-1hr per day to learn a little python because it's handy. Today's task: install the stuff I need to go through the Jake VanderPlas book on python for data science. I think I've successfully done so. I won't verify until tomorrow, though, when I actually give it a whirl: I've gone through my allotment of time!

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By LodeRunner (Sat Aug 04, 2007 at 08:47:54 AM EST) drawing, learning, tablet, colors, e minor, blue, synaesthesia (all tags)
As a kid, I always loved to draw, but I ended taking up music as a creative outlet and drawing fell to the wayside. Five-or-so years after I bought a digital tablet to encourage myself to (re)learn to draw, I finally got around to start sketching stuff.

After a series of quick sketches, I tried my hand on drawing something more elaborate. I had this scene in my head and wanted to do it somewhat "realistically". But I feel I'm not there yet. Work-in-progress version inside -- advice is welcome.

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