Print Story Some video of me in acting like an arse
By priestess (Thu Jun 11, 2009 at 05:59:06 AM EST) subgenius, xday, xday2009, video, revPriest (all tags)
Inside: some video of me acting like an arse in stupid clothes, ranting at Speakers Corner about the End Of The World!

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Print Story OS X / Samba Printing Woes
By priestess (Mon Jun 30, 2008 at 03:41:59 AM EST) os x, tiger, leopard, printing, samba, smb, samsung, subgenius, end of the world (all tags)
Dear Husi printing experts,

So the office manager brought a shiny new printer. A Samsung ML-2010. I plugged it into our existing linux print/file server, added it with the CUPS interface, tested it with my Leopard machine and all was well.

Then I get the complaints that the Tiger machines can't see this new printer. They can still see and use the Samsung CLP-300 colour printer, they can still see the share files directory.

No matter how much fiddling and rebooting and deleting and re-installing I've been doing all morning these machines the result seems to be the same: Leopard sees both printers, Linux sees both printers, presumably (though untested) Windows sees both printers. No matter how much Googling I do I can't seem to find anyone with any help.

It's just Tiger that has a blind-spot and won't put the ML-2010 into the little network browser so I can click "Add printer" and have it work.

I blame SAMBA really. SAMBA always makes me beg and crawl and jump through hoops before it works properly.

Anyone got any ideas I can try?

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Print Story Euro Subgenius XDay 2009 - London
By priestess (Tue May 12, 2009 at 09:01:57 AM EST) subgenius, xday, 2009, end of the world, party, lhusi beers (all tags)
Hey all. I've been busy lately organizing a show to end all shows, the very last show on earth, the final ever show to mark the end of the world.

Which is exhausting.

Details inside, including the fact that our own Motty/Fit and the conniptions will be playing. WoO!

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Print Story Devival Video Chapter Six
I can't post a you-tube embed thing here can I? Pah. You'll have to have a link to my website then, where the first of the videos from the Devival this November is up.

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Print Story Devival Report
By priestess (Fri Nov 24, 2006 at 03:29:43 PM EST) bob, devival, programming, revpriest, subgenius (all tags)
So I finally put up my devival report, it's got some pictures and everything.

Everyone here except Motty missed out by missing it. Oh yes.

Below the fold: Poor programers

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Print Story "'Bob' Saves" - Subgenius Devival in East London, 3rd Nov
Well, I asked people here if they wanted to play, and at least Motty said yes so he's on the lineup. Other bands have agreed too, and the preaching lineup is as good as these things get with 4 guarenteed preachers plus whoever turns up on the night.

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Print Story Rich And Strange
By priestess (Thu Aug 17, 2006 at 01:48:03 PM EST) Cud, Dr Thrustgood, Bands, Concerts, Slack, Bob, Subgenius (all tags)
So I went to see "Cud" play tonight. Reformed from ten years ago type band. Imagine my suprise when I walk in and the support "band" seems to be Dr Thrustgood (aged by ten years of Whiskey and Fags) dancing about on his own singing to a backup tape of some sort.

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