Print Story Everybody wants to rule the world.
By gzt (Mon Jun 15, 2009 at 03:14:21 PM EST) gzt, clean, back, meetings, settlers of catan (all tags)
So I won at 5*-player Settlers of Catan last night. It was glorious. It started out at 6, hence the asterisk, but one of the players has been ill and was so tired she started crying at the prospect of having to make any decisions, so we left the settlements on the board and played without her.

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Print Story Lured into Catan
By gzt (Thu Jun 04, 2009 at 12:39:59 PM EST) gzt, friends, enemies, viktory, settlers of catan (all tags)
So last night I dropped by my old dormitory from uni because this was its last year of service. I got caught up with the old resident heads and such in my house and ran into some friends of mine. At 11 some folks said, hey man, wanna play Settlers of Catan here in the lounge? And I said, dude, I'm down for it.

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