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In which I consider chessboxing. In which I mention Nassim Taleb and Hume. In which I discuss stuff and things. And Russian coffee girls.

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Print Story "Are those... leather patches on your elbows?"
YES. Gentlemen, behold! There are leather patches on my elbows. I am unstoppable. I think I am now officially a Republican liberal arts grad student now that I have entered the Academy. The Academy of People with Leather Patches on the Elbows.

NO. I walked by the cafe downstairs on the way in: the Russian girl was there again. I can be stopped. Which will win: Russian coffee girl or leather patches on the elbows?

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By gzt (Wed Sep 10, 2008 at 10:01:00 AM EST) gzt, german coffee girl, russian coffee girl, certain destruction (all tags)
A startling new development which will certainly lead to my demise: I decided today to get coffee, being mildly curious about whether one of the German girls was still around. When I came into the shop, I heard the guy in front of me chatting up the new (?) clerk...

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