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By gzt (Thu Apr 05, 2012 at 12:28:42 PM EST) gzt, alternative medicine, quackery, geocentrism, wifing unit, school (all tags)
The sister-in-law is deep into alternative medicine and just loves Mercola, a lying liar who tells lies. She posted some link to an alternative medicine thing about cancer and said, "Touchy subject, but amen. I want everyone to know there are alternatives, as crazy as it sounds." I had to try very very hard not to directly troll her, content, instead, with posting an article about geocentrism on my own wall and saying there are alternatives to heliocentrism.

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But It's Wrong!

A few weeks ago they sent some bint calling herself an "Ergonomics Specialist" or some such nonsense to each cube. This was, no doubt, done at the insistence of the Works Council.

The "Ergonomic specialist" comes over to your cubedesk, looks around, makes a few notes, shuffles through some papers on her clipboard, and then starts telling you how everything that you've set up for your comfort is, in fact, not only terribly uncomfortable but also bad for you.

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