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By gzt (Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 12:00:12 PM EST) gzt, psychopath, nice, cruel, sadistic (all tags)
Some guy on some Christian advice board somewhere that I troll around when I'm terribly bored was asking about why nice guys always finish last in romance. He was all like, "Girls always go for chemistry over true friendship when it comes to romance, and when I'm nice they only want to be friends with me. When I try not being nice, they dig me, but when I go back to being good and nice, they only want to be friends. I see this all around me, too." What a whiny wanker. I told him he's not actually nice, he's using a bunch of words as if they mean something ("chemistry", "friendship", "nice", "good"), and that truly nice guys usually do pretty well for themselves.

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