Print Story I Can't Dance.
By BadDoggie (Thu Sep 04, 2008 at 02:43:18 AM EST) neighbours, friends (all tags)
"No, Renate, I'm not going to dance."
"Don't be a party-pooper!"
It was past three and the music was fantastic. The speakers were test boxes, Jürgen's latest development. My neighbour Jürgen is well-known to audiophiles and audio engineers. But I don't dance, not even when Jürgen, his girlfriend Ingrid and her visiting twin sister Renate are. I belong to that very small subset of white men who not only know they can't dance but who also actively avoid doing so.

"I feel like a fool when I try and I know I look like one, too."
And back she went to dance with the other two. I opened another bottle of wine, some cheap merlot from Aldi which was surprisingly good. And as I started pouring a glass I was once again hounded by the redhead.

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