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Im in ur city catchin ur buses.

I never realised that it was actually the most picturesque city in the whole of England.

Inside, reminder about drinks (London, Friday 10th December). JtL, TPD, aggressive tellytubby, hulver, metatone, gazbo... anyone else fancy coming? I presume it'll be the normal talking about everything and nothing until the wee small hours. I'm in London anyway, so...

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Funny stuff
By gzt (Wed Jan 20, 2010 at 01:12:27 PM EST) gzt, disc golf, the worm ouroboros, naked floors, meet, lady gaga (all tags)
It's annoying: the radio station at the gym is usually on some sort of classic rock thing, but last night it was on this station that played Lady Gaga songs, like, 4 times in the 1.5 hrs I was there.

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