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By johnny (Fri Oct 02, 2009 at 11:32:21 PM EST) let me stand next to your fire, we can be heros, cortez (all tags)
There was a fire in Oak Bluffs, one town over from me, a few days ago. I knew it was bad when the first call came over my pager from dispatch about 9 in the morning: "Report of a house fully engaged." First call "fully engaged"? Holy shit. That's bad. The only good news was that the address was Carole Avenue, which, by luck, is only about a quarter mile from Oak Bluffs fire station. But before the first truck had signed on, dispatch said "PD (i.e. police department) on scene reporting upper level engaged, possibly collapsing." I said to Dear Wife "somebody just lost their house." I was right.

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