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By priestess (Mon Jun 30, 2008 at 03:41:59 AM EST) os x, tiger, leopard, printing, samba, smb, samsung, subgenius, end of the world (all tags)
Dear Husi printing experts,

So the office manager brought a shiny new printer. A Samsung ML-2010. I plugged it into our existing linux print/file server, added it with the CUPS interface, tested it with my Leopard machine and all was well.

Then I get the complaints that the Tiger machines can't see this new printer. They can still see and use the Samsung CLP-300 colour printer, they can still see the share files directory.

No matter how much fiddling and rebooting and deleting and re-installing I've been doing all morning these machines the result seems to be the same: Leopard sees both printers, Linux sees both printers, presumably (though untested) Windows sees both printers. No matter how much Googling I do I can't seem to find anyone with any help.

It's just Tiger that has a blind-spot and won't put the ML-2010 into the little network browser so I can click "Add printer" and have it work.

I blame SAMBA really. SAMBA always makes me beg and crawl and jump through hoops before it works properly.

Anyone got any ideas I can try?

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