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By MissTrish (Thu Aug 31, 2006 at 04:26:23 PM EST) i'm not sure, wfc, wtf? (all tags)
My knuckle is swollen. It's the second one, the big lump where my middle finger connects with my hand.  I am a little disappointed with myself; the third knuckle, the ring finger, is swollen too. This means that I have been punching wrong. That even though the drywall gave an encouraging buckle under my fist, and there is a strange little dent in the wall where my ring tore off a bit of the paint, I hit wrong. My wrist wasn't lined up. I am pretty sure the first two shots were aligned, so that leaves the third, the angriest, as the punch I slipped on and couldn't even hit right. Especially in moments of extreme anger, a girl should be punching properly. Also, it would also seem that I am incapable of writing a coherent diary. edited

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