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By MostlyHarmless (Mon Sep 04, 2006 at 08:05:06 PM EST) flying, solo, hirez proof (all tags)
This is Boundary Bay ATIS information Delta.
Weather at zero two four zero Zulu:
Winds are two six zero at five to ten. CaV OK.
Altimeter is two nine eight nine.
Active runway is two five. Takeoffs are runway two five, landings runway two five and three zero. Land and hold short operations are in effect for runway three zero, three three zero zero feet are available. Outer tower is in operation, aircraft entering or transiting the Boundary Bay control zone are asked to contact the outer tower on one two seven decimal six.
This is Boundary Bay information Delta

"Bay Ground this is Cessna one five two Golf Quebec Sierra Sierra on the west apron. Request taxi instructions for circuits, with information delta"

"Cessna Golf Quebec Sierra Sierra, this is Bay Ground. Altimeter is two nine eight five, taxi to runway two five via Charlie. Squawk two four seven zero."

"two four seven zero, thanks. Golf Quebec Sierra Sierra."

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