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By Driusan (Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 08:28:12 AM EST) cycling, handlebar stem full of rust (all tags)
I was biking from one class to another today. I had to stop at a stop sign, 'cause there were cars.

Problem 1: Brakes don't work. Solution: Turn (onto grass, not road) and stop with your feet. Having a freewheel which works dubiously at best may also help with the stopping. Come to a complete stop, which brings us to,

Problem 2: The handlebar stem detaches and falls off the bike. Solution: Jump clear, look around, wonder what's wrong with the people around you that they're not pointing and laughing at you, and come to the conclusion that maybe you need a new bike. (Then loosely put it back, carefully bike home to your sweet, sweet adjustable wrench and fix it.)

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