Print Story In my dream last night
Dear Wife and I were getting divorced. We lived in a big old house full of junk & everything was falling apart. I was going to marry somebody else. My new fiancee was there and reasonably affectionate to me, but I did not know who she was. (Now that I think about it, she kind of resembled iGrrl.) I was very sad about getting divorced, but my wife seemed happy. I told her that we should try reconciliation. Dear Wife said, "it's too late. Don't worry about it. Go have fun." I started crying.

Some more classic Freudian stuff follows.

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Print Story We close on the house on Thursday
Final walk-thru is schedules for Wed. night.

Movers will be at the apartment a week from yesterday. Approximately 25% of our stuff is currently packed. Mostly books and other entertainment media.

I have taken Thursday off just in case of anything coming up.

Stress and I are becoming close friends once again.

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Print Story Most productive weekend ever
By stark (Mon Jul 11, 2005 at 05:58:44 AM EST) ikea, furniture, corona (all tags)
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