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By spiralx (Fri Mar 04, 2011 at 10:35:41 PM EST) epic, moo (all tags)

Time check - 9:04pm.  So far I'm unable to decide on a title for this diary, I think the awesome French ghettotech mix I'm listening to is distracting me. Time check - 10:10pm. OK, right, that's finished, now I'm being distracted by my house-mate who I've not seen in a week. Time check - 11:12pm. Well, that was a really positive conversation which has left me feeling pretty damn optimistic, which is a trait I'm often in dire need of.

It's now been over two hours since I started typing in this box, and I'll finish the intro in a second, just as soon as I finish reorganising my drawer of print-outs. Because I started doing that around 8-ish, and my floor is covered in folders.

Time check - 11:59pm. My floor is clear, my drawer is (more) organised, an on with the body...

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