Print Story go, ye heroes, go to glory
By gzt (Wed Feb 01, 2012 at 12:40:58 PM EST) gzt, chess, lunch chess, dune, ender's game, elbow, pirates of penzance, sas, tippecanoe (all tags)
Though you die in combat gory,
Ye shall live in song and story.
Go to immortality!
Go to death, and go to slaughter;
Die, and every Cornish daughter
With her tears your grave shall water.
Go, ye heroes, go and die!

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Print Story I don't even know who won the Super Bowl.
Logic & Maths
By gzt (Mon Feb 08, 2010 at 01:51:30 PM EST) gzt, lunch, transit system, strength, star wars, elbow, olympics, star trek (all tags)
I'm fine with that.

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Print Story A few points on things.
Religion & Philosophy
By gzt (Thu Aug 27, 2009 at 12:16:33 PM EST) gzt, lunch, elbow, jerk, job, salvation, benadryl (all tags)
I wasn't sleeping terribly well last night. As usual. At around two, I got up to use the bathroom (a first defense if I'm not sleeping well, since sometimes I don't notice I need to until I stand up, but my body is aware enough to wake me up), then rolled around in bed for 20 minutes and got up. My allergies were bugging me, so I thought to kill two birds with one stone by taking a Benadryl. I ended up sleeping in. That was pretty good.

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Print Story I had a merry St Hulver's Day
By gzt (Mon Aug 24, 2009 at 04:33:53 PM EST) gzt, squat, elbow, marriage, gossip (all tags)
Or: What would Nicu Vlad do?

And hope you all did, too. I was, alas, unable to be at Hog Stock, except in the sense that rmg was at CBB's HusiStock, except in the sense that nobody wrote a fictionalized narrative with me sneaking in. However, I did have a long dinner with some good friends who had chocolate from Hotel Chocolat in London. And the sausages we ate probably had pork in them, so that counts.

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Print Story Arthur: Australia!
Funny stuff
By gzt (Mon Aug 17, 2009 at 12:39:32 PM EST) gzt, elbow, bmi, fish oil (all tags)
We'll surf like they do in the USA.

I just failed at phone tag. I was supposed to be on a 9:00 call, but I wasn't at my desk at the precise moment they called me - like 9:04. So I called back, but the line was busy (duh), left a message, sat around waiting. Then I got a call from the director of somesuch and nonsense about some report I made, and as we were hashing it out I saw I had a call on my other line, but I couldn't get to it in time. Called back, again, the line was busy.

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