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By johnny (Tue Jan 08, 2008 at 06:13:04 PM EST) pimping, whoring, dog emanations to threaten humankind (all tags)
As Kellnerin and
will be happy yet very skeptical to hear, I have a book coming out sometime in the recent future. Plus, I'm always trying to pimp my old ones. Plus, I'm always trying to pimp my site.

So, I've been considering whether to get more involved in these newfangled things all the young kids have today, like facebook, myspace, second life, and the boring boring boring linkedin.

Only, I think they all suck, I don't understand them; their privacy policies scare me & plus I'm paranoid about everybody on earth disclosing their social networks, making it that much easier for NSA/Skynet to take over the world.

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