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By johnny (Fri Oct 02, 2009 at 11:32:21 PM EST) let me stand next to your fire, we can be heros, cortez (all tags)
There was a fire in Oak Bluffs, one town over from me, a few days ago. I knew it was bad when the first call came over my pager from dispatch about 9 in the morning: "Report of a house fully engaged." First call "fully engaged"? Holy shit. That's bad. The only good news was that the address was Carole Avenue, which, by luck, is only about a quarter mile from Oak Bluffs fire station. But before the first truck had signed on, dispatch said "PD (i.e. police department) on scene reporting upper level engaged, possibly collapsing." I said to Dear Wife "somebody just lost their house." I was right.

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By johnny (Mon Mar 23, 2009 at 08:31:45 PM EST) cortez, rage, reverend gary davis (all tags)
Cortez the killer, the well known conquistadore, destroyer of worlds, neo-Friedmanian Chicago-school economist, loud-talker in public mens' rooms, philosopher, guardian of the peace, theologian of suspect credentials, barbeque connaisseur, board-certified steamboat mechanic, sympathetic ear, weaver, banjo enthusiast, aspiring fashion designer with a good chance of appearing soon on Project Runway, and longboard smallwave surfriding champion (seniors division), recently joined the local fire department & was assigned to the ladder truck, colloquially known as Tower One. Among the responsibilities of ladder companies is ensuring the ventilation of burning houses. This means climbing atop the roof of a house on fire with a running chainsaw and cutting a great big hole in it to let out the hot gasses (along with flame and smoke--unwanted but inevitable).

Cortez had a drill today to practice cutting holes in roofs. Nobody told him he was supposed to return the chain saw.

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