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By gzt (Wed Mar 11, 2009 at 06:04:10 AM EST) gzt, change or die (all tags)
It's sometimes interesting to see what sort of traditions, baggage, hangups people have that give insight into the oddities of their internal life as they grew up. There are some things that people don't talk about but take for granted as common. Their bathroom habits. Some aspects of religion if outside the context of a traditional religion - or in some contexts within. Sex, I suppose. And then to see them realize not everybody does it that way. I encounter this most with religion, really. Sometimes it's the oddities of family life or former relationships - most trivially, somebody who's been beaten or raped will behave differently from somebody who hasn't - but who the hell knows how? I don't say that lightly, a Godwin-esque invocation of the worst, because it is something I've run into more often than I could stand (once is too much). Life has such pain.

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