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By gzt (Tue Oct 13, 2009 at 10:38:11 AM EST) gzt, thrice, california, crowns, dmv, postal service, pizza, pushups (all tags)
I've been poking through R's books. I've also been burning CDs onto my computer. Mine at the moment, but I'll dig into hers. I glanced in one of her boxes and it seemed like she had a lot of Thrice. ? I picked up and started reading Troilus and Criseyde (translated). I've actually read Shakespeare's play, but that was long ago. I got it at a library booksale for like a quarter. It was in terrible condition, so I think I got rid of it afterwards.

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Print Story I has anger. Let me show you it.

From SMS today:

"OJ killed a white woman. He walked. Kobe raped a white girl. He walked. Vick killed some dogs. He's going to jail. Lesson for the day: stick to hoes, and not to bitches."

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Print Story A Journey into Randomness
Just various things, mostly related to trips and the like.

Poll: How many times have you done this thing that you do?

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