Print Story thinking once more
By gzt (Mon May 23, 2022 at 09:02:50 PM EST) gzt, bikes, jorb (all tags)
about an exercise bike.

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Print Story loitering around
By gzt (Sun Oct 25, 2020 at 12:06:29 PM EST) gzt, mail, kettle balls, exercise, bikes, biking (all tags)
really need to get these projects finished off.

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Print Story My working environment is wonderful
Working life
By anonimouse (Tue Aug 06, 2013 at 09:32:26 AM EST) bikes, stuff, work, weed (all tags)
A diary about Netflix, bikes, lots of other stuff, and (amazingly) work

Update [2013-8-7 15:18:8 by anonimouse]: Arse - job finishes at the end of the month :'(

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Print Story It's bike to school day in the US
By georgeha (Wed May 08, 2013 at 04:15:05 PM EST) bikes, Han shot first (all tags)
and eleven year old did.

In other bike topics, why would a tire keep unseating?

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Print Story Counting down the hours
By georgeha (Fri Aug 14, 2009 at 10:22:00 AM EST) wrenchin, bikes, minivans (all tags)
to not meet other Husiers.

Plus oversocialization, getting ready, two wheeled update, new job update, and less.

Poll: No time.

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Print Story The feel good Nazi death camp movie of the year
By georgeha (Thu Jun 26, 2008 at 05:25:51 AM EST) wrenchin, bikes (all tags)
AKA Escape from Sobibor.

Plus Secrets and lies, Nine Lives, A Dirty Job, solo playdate, idle time, picky kids, for sale, fireflies and training wheels and less.

Poll: What to do with an old armory?

Update [2008-6-26 11:30:16 by georgeha]:I wish I had some broccoli, the TGIF cheddar and bacon flavored potato skins food product I got out of the vending machine are stale.

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Print Story Who picked first full week of May?
By georgeha (Thu May 08, 2008 at 01:17:48 PM EST) bikes, twee, war to end all wars (all tags)
No one, too bad.

Update [2008-5-9 12:34:5 by georgeha]: Now with my usual weekly wrapup, including the Life Aquatic, The Guns of August, Hogan's Hideaway and less!

Poll: When will I first commute on my bike?

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Print Story For the love of God, misterha
By georgeha (Mon Jun 11, 2007 at 07:57:24 AM EST) rats, bikes, burnout (all tags)
aka the cask of warfarintallado, buying a brand names makes sense, The Arms of Krupp, dodged a bullet, happy 12th, burnou, bikes and less.

Poll: Favorite pest?

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Print Story ants on the wall versus bugs in a spoon
By georgeha (Mon Apr 23, 2007 at 07:57:12 AM EST) bikes, blisters, bugs, piercing (all tags)
and the sunshiny bright irony!

Plus, have some more carbon, first ride, an acceptable mid life crisis, my left foot, initial screening, a bad place to buy a stethoscope, I can youtube from here, and less.

Poll: Next house chore to tackle?

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Print Story 500 miles from Newham.
By ambrosen (Thu Sep 21, 2006 at 05:26:40 AM EST) bikes, crashes, ambulances, highlands, wind, rain, scalp lacerations (all tags)
Otherwise Reynolds could have sorted my Dad out. So, picture the scene, we're riding 2 miles from our B&B to Dalwhinnie station with a 25mph tailwind on a Sustrans path. It's slightly downhill, and narrow. It's a well surfaced path, just over a metre wide, but bumping and swerving up and down to bridges over streams. It swerves up towards the main road (the A9) to cross a gully. I can ride offroad

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Print Story Stays crunchy
By ad hoc (Wed Jul 12, 2006 at 09:53:20 AM EST) bikes, books, plays, rants (all tags)
even in milk.

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Print Story I'll Bet You're Wondering How I've Been...

Oh yeah? Well, fuck you. I'm going to tell you anyway. I'm going to tell you with pictures, and you? You're going to like it!

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Print Story Soon I'll need gills
By ad hoc (Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:01:07 AM EST) bikes, birthdays, movies, books, phones (all tags)
Label on the cover of "Moist Towellette" brand moist towellets from Sanfacon of St. Romuald, PQ, Canada G6W 5M6:

"Cleans and refreshes without soap or water."

Contains: water, soap.

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Print Story Anec
By ad hoc (Wed Jun 21, 2006 at 10:23:24 AM EST) P'town, books, bikes (all tags)

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Print Story Monday Monday Monday Morning
By 256 (Mon Apr 24, 2006 at 08:00:26 AM EST) drink, drugs, art, scrabble, bikes, MissTrish, firefly, vagina full of centipedes (all tags)
Sadly, no Jager.

Good weekend though.

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Print Story WARNING : bike porn inside
By 256 (Thu Apr 20, 2006 at 02:40:37 PM EST) friggin' intense, bikes, cycling, downtube full of centipedes (all tags)
including necrophiliac bike porn

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Print Story This isn't finished
By ad hoc (Thu Apr 06, 2006 at 10:01:22 AM EST) MLP, bikes, e-mail, cycling (all tags)
but I'm out of time.

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