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Print Story A cunning plan succeeds
By georgeha (Tue Apr 24, 2012 at 02:41:09 PM EST) discworld, Civ, dystopia, beer (all tags)
and breaks my plan to ration Pratchett.

Plus The Hunger Games, Civ III, a winter without sledding, Rauchbier, Archer and less!

Poll: Favorite witch?

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Print Story I actually have to get things to work.
By gzt (Mon Apr 09, 2012 at 03:05:14 PM EST) gzt, star wars, machete, school, fish, beer, easter (all tags)
Well, that's nice.

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Print Story Beer before chess leads to success.
Husi Stock
By gzt (Wed Mar 21, 2012 at 11:36:43 AM EST) gzt, coworker, retirement lunch, chess, beer, supernova (all tags)
Chess before beer, shoulda had a beer.

My coworker had a retirement shindig last night. Free beer! I also had a chess match last night. So I went for drinks and then nipped out to play a game.

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Print Story a decent weekend.
By gzt (Mon Jul 18, 2011 at 12:50:16 PM EST) gzt, tired, chess, sandwich, time zone, beer, wedding (all tags)
On Friday, we went to a dinner party thing, which was pretty good. Saturday, I don't know what I did on Saturday. I just hung out. The wife was baking bread with friends. On Sunday, I went to a chess tournament in the afternoon.

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Print Story It's not you Husi, it's me
By georgeha (Wed Mar 02, 2011 at 08:59:41 AM EST) beer, illness, LED (all tags)
Plus Black Swan, High Frontier, Heavy Metal, Boldly advancing into the post-incandescent world!, internet stars, painless upgrade, mixed up birthday, loft dreams meet reality, the Three Doctors, Hoff-Stevens goo, new job and less.

Poll: Hottest character in Heavy Metal?

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Print Story Belated culturally appropriate Yom Kippur acknowledgement
By georgeha (Fri Sep 24, 2010 at 09:39:40 AM EST) wrenchin', beer, hexity goodness, push polling (all tags)
Plus new pen, half move reviews (Quills and Wall-E), Priest-Kings of Gor, Blind Descent, first sitting, stupid push pollers, cold weather, busy Saturday, Kaiser's Pirates, biking, sanitation problems and less

Multipoll: Is this relevant in a political candidate? (tail cases aside)

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Print Story Oktoberfest
By ReallyEvilCanine (Fri Sep 10, 2010 at 06:32:56 AM EST) beer, meet-up, germany (all tags)
Any of you fuckers planning on visiting this year?

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Print Story The front runner for the most disturbing movie I've seen this year:
By georgeha (Wed Aug 04, 2010 at 11:44:11 AM EST) beer, renfest, birthdays, Wii (all tags)

Plus track lighting, $5 bottle of beer!, Roll Me Over, Retreat Hell!, Ren Fest with free mead, book club wrap up, whoa that's sour!, Guitar Hero III, electricity? sleepover, Small World and less

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Print Story i enjoy working at a law firm
By nathan (Tue Jun 01, 2010 at 10:20:23 AM EST) nathan, law firm, chicago, beer, dilbert (all tags)
Years of <I>Dilbert</I> and multiple viewings of <I>Office Space</I> led me to believe that this job would suck. It totally doesn't.

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By gzt (Fri May 14, 2010 at 01:18:09 PM EST) wings night, gzt, salad, banana bread, beer (all tags)
Dear Final Exam: I am sorry about the terribly beating I gave you last night. I typically don't pwn tests that hard, but I've been very bored lately.

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