Print Story saturday night dance party
By misslake (Sun May 24, 2009 at 11:21:49 AM EST) women, boobies, vaginas full of minty freshness, awesomeness (all tags)
whee!i had an absolutely incredible time last night.
i don't go out dancing nearly enough.

littlestar came into the big city to join me in my monthly excursion to cherry bomb at andy poolhall.

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Print Story I has anger. Let me show you it.

From SMS today:

"OJ killed a white woman. He walked. Kobe raped a white girl. He walked. Vick killed some dogs. He's going to jail. Lesson for the day: stick to hoes, and not to bitches."

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Print Story I trust my fingers.

Inside, bitching about wounds, but rejoicing in unpacked-ness. You may or may not want to bother with this one, dudes. It's arty, though. I'll give it that.

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