Print Story Another unsubstantiated intarwebs parable?
This one died in the diary deluge over at dKos but I put too much work into it to let it die so quietly. I'll get more readers here and I bloody well worked hard enough to deserve them.

It's Friday night. I don't have to work but she does. I have a bottle of Absolut Pears and time on my hands. So I'm checking through the usual sites and I have a peek at that Younger than McCain site to see if one of my submissions has been posted. None have, but I notice A Day in the Life of a Middle-Class Republican because, well, my own blog is called A Day in the Life.

Right away I see another tired, forwarded-100-times-through-the-intarwebs parable, except it seems fairly accurate. So I click. And read through. And I'm pretty sure it's accurate. But there are no links and no citations.... until now.

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Print Story Are Labor Unions in Europe involved in organized Crime?
By nlscb (Sun Apr 06, 2008 at 07:59:56 AM EST) Unions, Mafia, Crime, Labor, Welfare (all tags)
In the United States, Labor Unions have had a long and notorious history with organized crime.  Jimmy Hoffa controlled the Teamsters and the Mafia basically decides what gets built in New York City, to cite just the two most famous examples.  Unions in the United States are not above viciously assaulting strike breakers and physically threatening management. 

Does Europe have the same problem? 

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