Print Story Doing the CSS/HTML impossible: clickable BKG IMG
It's impossible to make a background image in CSS clickable. There are work-arounds which don't work, tricks that don't truck, and solutions that the authors vote up with their sock puppets.

Necessity of invention is a mother. (endnote: had to set to text-only; any tags b0rked everything into unreadableness).

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Print Story Modest 3D effects with SVG, version 2.1.
By NoMoreNicksLeft (Tue Mar 07, 2006 at 11:50:26 PM EST) svg, javascript, inverse kinematics, poser3d, html, web design (all tags)
I've updated the 3d rendering SVG applet. Instead of a single ugly triangle, you'll notice a 4x4 grid. Rotation is still borky.

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Print Story Fun with CSS
By NoMoreNicksLeft (Mon Mar 06, 2006 at 09:07:09 PM EST) css, html, xhtml, web design, stylesheets (all tags)
So, I've got a page that needs a few checkboxes. And I've got only so much space to fit them into. There aren't many options left... the labels are as abbreviated as they reasonably can be. They can't be sized any smaller, not without people squinting. And other widget/gui approaches are even uglier.

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