Print Story Another unsubstantiated intarwebs parable?
This one died in the diary deluge over at dKos but I put too much work into it to let it die so quietly. I'll get more readers here and I bloody well worked hard enough to deserve them.

It's Friday night. I don't have to work but she does. I have a bottle of Absolut Pears and time on my hands. So I'm checking through the usual sites and I have a peek at that Younger than McCain site to see if one of my submissions has been posted. None have, but I notice A Day in the Life of a Middle-Class Republican because, well, my own blog is called A Day in the Life.

Right away I see another tired, forwarded-100-times-through-the-intarwebs parable, except it seems fairly accurate. So I click. And read through. And I'm pretty sure it's accurate. But there are no links and no citations.... until now.

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