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By Vulch (Sun Jan 01, 2012 at 11:40:34 AM EST) books, 2011 list, living room full of bookshelves (all tags)
Apparently I title these diaries "Wot I read in X" in even numbered years and as something else in odd. As this one is for 2011...

143 books read in 2011 according to my log, only one repeat (New Model Army by Adam Roberts) that I've spotted and no obvious gaps where I missed something. Mostly SF as ever with the usual trips through early mediaeval times with some text books, the Napoleonic era Royal Navy with Hornblower (which I've actually got in omnibus form so push the total up a bit) and slightly alternate Victorian times with Flashman. Ah, and Roman architecture thanks to the Channel 4 series Rome Wasn't Built In A Day which is well worth a watch.

On with the amazing page lengthening list, which if nothing else will remove the word "Boobies" from the top of the RSS feed...

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