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By georgeha (Wed Mar 15, 2023 at 01:20:48 PM EST) camping, Buffalo, Brittany, pandemic (all tags)
Plus, a Heinz year, teardrops are trendy but impractical, Spring Break, ArriveCan and less!

I'm in my Heinz year as of a couple of weeks ago. We had planned a get together for Friday evening after my birthday, but it turned into a quick thing Friday afternoon, as it was the last hockey game of the season that twenty_one_year_old could attend. Somehow, she's in to hockey, or she's in to attending hockey games at RIT. It's probably a lot of fun.

In other RIT news, twenty_one_year_old and her bf are on Spring Break, enjoying Jersey City, aside from the construction outside their AirBnB. They even saw Hadestown on Broadway. This will be her last Spring Break unless she goes to grad school. To think, three years ago her Spring Break was doubled, and then she moved home.

In other pandemic related things, the first summer my beloved LG G4 gave up the ghost. I replaced it with a cheap Motorola, with insufficient memory. It's always complaining about space. It suggested I delete some unused apps, such as ArriveCan. I checked, there's no more need for ArriveCan, I deleted it. I don't even know when I'm going to Canada next. NY has Tims and legal weed, get us an Ikea and butter tarts and there's no need for Canada.

We had to shuffle back to Buffalo last month. Mrs. Ha's family has a lot of birthdays around mine. Her brother, her brother_in_law, a grandniece, a baby daddy, they all have birthday's around mine. Anyhow, we were invited to Mrs. Ha's brother's surprise 70th birthday party in Buffalo on Sunday, catered with a French chef from Brittany. It was a good time, though near the end Mrs. Ha may have channeled her dad when she was talking about family drama with her sister about her sister's kid, and the grandniece. Anyhow, if you want a Breton chef to cater you're next shindig in Buffalo, let me know.

We're getting eager for camping. Part of the eagerness is sometimes twenty_six_year_old is hard to be around, being able to escape for a weekend is tantalizing. We want to make it easier to leave, so we're thinking of getting a small pop-up. Decent pop-ups under $3000 exist, but aren't super common. We did check out a free RV show at the place across from my parents' road. Almost everything there was too huge for us, but there was a teardroppy thing and three pop-ups. It was worth it, Mrs. Ha decided teardrops really don't have enough space, so we're continuing to look for a pop-up. 

Of course, I need to re-arrange the driveway behind the fence to make room to store it. It's been a weird winter, weeks without much snow and in March, snow. This winter is just taking too long.

2014 called, they wanted to know where I was when John Wick came out. Yeah, a few nights ago I was looking for something different to watch, and picked John Wick. It was great, the whole three of us loved it.

In other ancient media news, the X-Files episode I often reference but have never seen is up next. There's Buffalo content.

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took me a minute by dev trash (4.00 / 1) #1 Wed Mar 15, 2023 at 10:36:51 PM EST
but I got the heinz reference.

I've not actually seen any of the John Wick films.  I know of them and have seen clips but watched it?  maybe this weekend I'll do a marathon


I'm in the target demographic for John Wick by lm (4.00 / 1) #3 Thu Mar 23, 2023 at 12:32:01 PM EST
I've watched the first two or three. (It should tell you something that I can't even recall if I watched the third.) It's decent gun-fu. But the franchise lacks a certain amount of je ne sais quoi that a shoot em up should have to make it fun.

Kindness is an act of rebellion.
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I was very confused. by ObviousTroll (4.00 / 2) #4 Sat Apr 01, 2023 at 06:10:49 PM EST
Since my surname is "Heinz". I've heard just about every variation of 57 varieties jokes but my family has never used it as an age reference. 

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Pop ups are great!! by StackyMcRacky (4.00 / 2) #2 Thu Mar 16, 2023 at 02:40:08 PM EST
You still get that tent/camp feeling, but without all the crawling on the ground.

Ok yeah, our pop-up is totally bougie.  But still, it's wonderful.

Hard-sided RVs of any kind just feel like a hotel room on wheels, they don't feel like "camping."

We survived another trip to Buffalo! | 4 comments (4 topical, 0 hidden)