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Reading: "Eyes of the Void", "They Called Us Enemy". Links.

What I'm Reading
Eyes of the Void by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Second volume in the "Final Architecture" science fiction trilogy. Moon-sized world-destroying alien entities have annhiliated Earth and other planets, the human survivors spend as much effort fighting between the various factions as trying to deal with the thread.

Enjoyed this a lot: good action, appealing characters and some interesting ideas. Had a tour de force space opera ending with various forces coming together on a world of blazing light and hostile plants, reminiscent of Iain M. Banks.

Looking forward to the next volume.

They Called Us Enemy by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steve Scott, Harmony Becker. Biographical graphic novel about the childhood of Star Trek actor George Takei in the internment camps in WW2.

Was particularly good on covering the ambiguities of the situation: under the conditions of imprisonment, some angrily started turning towards the Japanese regime who at least hadn't locked them up. The book also points out the many unfairnesses of the situation: some were first denied the right to become US citizens, then punished for not being citizens.

Has a couple of bright spots like the work of lawyer Wayne Collins working on behalf of the internees.

Good book, worth reading.

Sci/Tech. Why is the Earth's core slowing down?

Video. A Nutritional Label goes to Therapy.

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