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Read: Blink (Gladwell)

I liked Malcom Gladwell's book on subconscious biases. It's a psychology book for the general public. Which suits me fine, when it comes to psychology I am general public. It's got some bad reviews on Goodreads, but to me it was a fine read. I really liked the section in Implicit Association Tests. Like many progressives, doing one of those tests on race was always mortifying. Turns out the bias is implicit in our culture rather than being a symptom of an individual's racism. The proof is that many blacks display it too, including Gladwell himself (his mum is Jamaican). The book reads well and is similar to Freakonomics in style and pace.

Migrating: proton, iphone

Google is not well. Not only the search engine is losing its edge, but ad revenue is going down. They sent an email to one of my free accounts which simply said "A quick reminder that showing ads is the primary way we fund our services". And then a link to change my privacy settings. The mail didn't even tell me which settings exactly are troubling them. Smacked of desperation. And then of course if you follow the link, out of curiosity more than goodwill, you have to login first. And then the UI forgets what the original link was and you are just left there. Oh google, google.
More importantly, they want to charge people for using the google mail servers with their own domains. Fair enough, they already data mined the shit out of our private correspondence. They don't need us anymore, they know us better than we know ourselves. But here's the thing, google. If I'm paying someone for the service, why should I pay you? I wish I had the time, skills, and inclination to manage my own web server, but I don't. So I am starting the migration to Proton mail. I should have done it much earlier.
Exactly at the same time, my Samsung suddenly died. Just like that, without forewarning. Since I am migrating away from the google ecosystem I thought I may as well change phone too. I considered the Fair phone, but it's still Android. Yes, I could run a weird version of Linux on it, but no, it ain't going to happen. I don't have the bandwidth for that. Maybe one day. So I upgraded to the other US based multinational. Or downgraded, or sidegraded, not sure what it is. So a week without phone, in which I have to migrate all the Google Drive stuff to my free accounts. If it's still possible. And YouTube playlists, I used them to bookmark music and then download the audio with youtube-dl.

Not so easy: Decluttering

I was kind of looking forward to having a week without a smart phone. The whole decluttering thing. Smart phones, they increase your efficiency so much. For example, if you go for a meal with a friend and they go to the toilet, you can use that precious time to start planning your holiday! Except that that precious time will be mostly used to content switch and login into things. And then the friend comes back and you are busy on your phone and then they whip out theirs and start reading work emails. Then you are no longer out for a meal with a friend, you are doing admin. Who wants to live like that. Oh yes - we do.
But as poetic as it sounds, it's not that easy to wean yourself out of smart phones. For example I couldn't sign up to Proton email because the credit card needs the phone app. In fact I can't do any banking. Can't work on github because I need the 2FA app. The recover codes are in Dropbox - which I need the 2FA app to access. I can't even work as my employer uses Okta for logging in. Can't rent a car. Thank dog I still got some unread comics to go through. I'll have to plan this properly when I get the new phone. I can't be locked out of everything Western civilisation has to offer just because my electronic gadget has given up.
And that is all.
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