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Extreme Strange Saddle 

Shaking my head at: extreme weather

Extreme weather warning last weekend. And not a minute too soon, the land needed the rain. It's almost halfway through the year and we are down to 15% of the previous year's rainfall. Brandenburg, the region surrounding Berlin, is agricultural. The crops are not going to do well this year. Even worse in Northern Italy, where the Po river has completely dried up. Sea water has started to flow inland into its empty bed. I can't believe people are not losing their shit over it.
The whole identity of the north is based around that river and the plan it created in the last 7 million years. It'd be like the Mississippi or the Nile drying up. The alt-right party who started off as Northern independentists still hold their grotesque, proto-nazi pagan festival in which they worship the river's water. Well it's all over now. And yet they remain climate deniers. To be fair, ecology has never been a thing there. For some reason none of the Mediterranean countries seem to care. Boggles the mind. North Italy is Europe's main rice producer (it's why I cook so much risotto). Not this year.

Disappointed by: Doctor Strange

Watched the latest Doctor Strange flick. Didn't like it. It has some interesting bits, but the whole genre seems to have run out of idea and be eating itself. You can't tell any more if you are watching Harry Potter, a super hero movie, a zombie one, or what. It's like some sort of entropy bringing all action movies genres together into one big, messy soup. Also I find Cumberbatch quite limited as an actor. Good at certain things, loved him as Sherlock. But four of him in one movie it's more than he can carry. Some of the CGI are cool though. I liked the musical notes fight idea. Shame they did it to the sound of Danny Elfman (yawn) and not something edgier.

Flying off: saddle

On our way out to lunch we saw a middle aged man fly off his bike and hit the curb. He lay there on his back, moaning with a broken arm. The sickly, pale flesh of his fat belly all too visible from underneath his undersized t-shirt. My colleague and a couple of bystanders sprang into action and went there to help. One stood by his head, to ensure no car would drive too close to it. Germans are good like that, with the whole civic sense thing. Two police cars came withing a couple of minutes, an ambulance within ten.
If it was London most people would have stepped over him and carried on. Only slowing down enough to take a picture to post on social media. Car drivers would have brushed his head with the tires just to make a point. While cursing at him for slowing them down. The ambulance would have taken an hour. In Italy people would have gone to help. But within minutes they would have started arguing among themselves about the best way to go about it. The whole situation would have developed into a mass verbal brawl. An ambulance would have been dispatched, but to the wrong address. Eventually a policeman would have loaded him in his car and driven him to the hospital, where he'd lay forgotten for hours.
Turns one the reason for the accident was that his sadlle had came off, and as he was riding very fast he just flew off his bike. Just like that, no particular reason for it. Fuck, imagine, I don't think I have ever checked my bike saddle before riding it.
And that is all.
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