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Not reading: American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America

I actually bought this book when it first came out. It was back when Obama had just been elected. I thought it was well written and researched, but it sounded a bit too far fetched and alarmist. Oh boy. So I gave it up half way through. I considered picking it up again now because of the whole abortion thing. But there are enough bad news out there, thank you very much. There's a tree trunk in my neighbourhood where people leave books for others to read. I left my copy there. I picked up a book on origami from there. It's something we do on and off with the kids. The book looked good, but was pretty useless once you actually tried to fold the shapes. Had to look them up on the web. Oh well, another computer free activity gone bad.

Reading. Kind of: Putin's Trolls

I bought this book mapping the beginning of the fake news factories to the modern days. It's not exactly a distraction from what is going on in the news, is it. But I wanted to support the author, and it does have some interesting facts. A bit disappointed about the lack of sources and general tone though. It feels like reading a conspiracy theories site, even though I trust the author. I am still plodding through it. Slowly. This one is on kindle so I can't leave it at the tree trunk.

Booing: soviets

The previous weekend we wanted to try a different park from the usual ones, it was hot and we wanted to be near the river. So we went to Treptower Park. We had forgotten that it was the park with the huge soviet monument. OK that doesn't narrow it down, the fuckers left monuments everywhere. Big, imposing monuments, to show their might and remind the locals who's boss. This particular one is the main one though. The one where the remembrance ceremonies for the nazi capitulation take place. And it was happening exactly that weekend. Big thing this year, for obvious reasons. The pacifists and lefties made a big thing of the police order banning Ukrainian flags. But the ban included Russian flags too, and only near the monuments, and only on that one day. Stupid idiots spreading fake news.
We hadn't planned to visit the monuments, but we had never seen these particular ones. At least, that was the official reason why we made our way there. In reality I had heard some shouting in the distance. I secretly hoped to see the police manhandling right wingers, or left wingers, or russians. Any of them would have done me fine. In fact it was very peaceful. It's a nice monument, if you forget what it's all about. It feels like a cemetery (it may well be, now that I think of it). Lots of very nervous policemen everywhere. Probably as many camera crews and photographers as people. A small group of maybe 20 young Russians standing in front of a video camera, cheering. I booed them. A cop looked at me and rolled his eyes. I turned to The Wife, she also looked at me and rolled her eyes. We walked on. The Russians hadn't heard me anyway. It was a nice sunny day.

Invaded by: Comics

Last weekend was the yearly comic book festival, I went to the main exhibition. It was really small. I felt like at a university's freshers' fair. I don't know if it's because comics in the digital age barely survive, or because the German comic scene is tiny. Probably the latter - the equivalent festival in France would be massive. Still, I bought a couple of indie comics to support the authors, and went home

Watched: Rick & Morty

Another series that had passed me by while dealing with parenthood and uprooting to a new country. Thank dog for libraries, eh. The first three episodes were genius, but it seemed to plateau quite quickly. Still, it was only the first series. I booked the second from the library, they've just informed me it is now available. The weekend video watching is sorted.
And that is all
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