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By Trent (Thu Jul 08, 2021 at 09:26:16 PM EST) (all tags)
¶ Three times in my life I've had the feeling that if not for a higher being, or luck or whatever I would have died, or at least been hurt so badly that death would have been better.

⇒The first when I was manning the ditch witch on the large tractor.  It had gotten too deep and caught onto something.  I was in a zone of not paying attention and did not notice that I had ceased moving forward and was instead moving up and back.  I was jolted out of this stupor by something other than those around me screaming for me to stop.  I slammed on the brakes, I stopped in mid air, front end off the ground for sure.  A panic set over me and then I released the brakes.  The front slammed down.

⇒The second was in a car, waiting at a red light to turn left across a four lane divided highway.. Confused for a second when a car behind me got a little too close I pulled out into the intersection and again that higher force, stopped what could have been a bad deal.  A car on the left slowed and stopped and I came to the realization I was in some real deep shit.  At just the moment when I had stopped going forward, a car from the right flew by swerving to miss me.  I looked all around, saw no other traffic and finished the turn.

⇒And the third.  I was assisting with loading a very heavy, very long box of tools into a rack.  We all lifted it over our heads, my arms gave out and the box, or at least my part of it came to rest on top of my head.  The whole contraption moved with the team and I struggled to lift it above my head, and I could feel something pop.  With some deep down energy I pushed the box and we got it onto the rack.
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