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By gzt (Tue Feb 23, 2021 at 12:41:28 AM EST) gzt, chess, friggin' intense, work (all tags)
I got a new big desk! It's big enough for both my personal/actual working computer setup and my lecturing/drawing tablet setup to be side-by-side. With a little spot for a chessboard between them. I need a platform thing for the drawing tablet, though.

First, though, I set up some bookshelves that I've had for a couple months but neglected to assemble and then unpacked a few boxes of books that have been dormant even longer. This cleared up some space to unpack and set up the new desk. Still have some floating boxes of books, though. Too many books. Some would have a better home with somebody else.

Been playing a bit of chess lately. Good to be back in the swing of things. I joined a league that plays one game per week at 45+45 time control. That is, you get 45 minutes for all your moves and every move adds 45 seconds to your time. Basically, the game lasts a couple hours. They put you on a team of 10. So far I'm 1-1 after two rounds.

I think I broke my toe a little bit? I noticed one night in the middle of the night it was bothering me a little, so I've been taping it up and it's been bruised a little, so I guess I did. Feels okay when taped up. Hope it gets better.

I'm tired of it being cold but it seems to be warming up again. Like hovering just below 10C for the next few days. I wish my foot were happier, I'd go on a decent run.

Classes started up again. Weird to be lecturing to literally hundreds of students and have so little interaction with them. I think lecturing on Zoom to 20 people gets you more interpersonal interaction than 200.

The work/lecturing/etc computer is annoying: I'd ignore it completely but Windows works better for the drawing tablet, which is necessary for lecturing. However, I cannot, generally, install stuff on the computer because I don't have admin powers. I have no idea who to bug to do that for me. My USB wireless thing does not work well on it without installing something, either, so I have to run a cable. Probably for the best, though: wireless isn't a great idea for a video lecture, want the security of a wired connection.

Lectures are interesting - doing a kind of quasi-flipped classroom thing - provide pre-recorded stuff taking the place of one of the lectures, the other lecture time of the week is like a problem session/office hours/other stuff.

Getting my office set up made me finally get around to fixing my NVIDIA/Fedora kernel incompatibility issues that have popped up (because I had to unplug my computer). Granted, I had pinned to a version of the kernel that worked, but it made me confront the problem. Also fixed the wireless driver (on my own computer, not the Windows/work one - installing drivers is such a pain on Linux, particularly the "googling" phase).

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