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 A little over four years ago, I was driving home from a friends house. My wife called me. Donald Trump was pulling off an Electoral College victory. I felt my stomach drop. I couldn’t believe that people had seriously voted for a con man. A man who had committed sexual assault several times, was a serial cheat, serial business failure, and so obviously a terrible person. He hadn’t even *tried* to hide it. He was plain about the politics of white grievance, the impossible 1980s dream of bringing back manufacturing, kicking out “illegals” and just generally being a miserable fucking asshat.

Yet there was some faint hope that this crass asshole of a man would become more presidential, or at least allow himself to be guided by others. I was taking any hope I could get, I was in a black depression for days. My wife was upset and depressed. How could we go from a good, honest, and honorable man like Barack Obama to….this caricature of a human, this walking egomaniac. I took what hope I could muster, there was no choice. I needed anything, something to cling to.

But it was not to be. The circus that was the Trump 2016 campaign turned into the circus that was the Trump Administration. Between the crass offence he gave our allies and friends, and the incompetents he appointed to run the government, it was a shit-show from the first awful orange moment. He hired his immediate family. He failed to put his businesses in trust, he handed out favors and you could pay for access to the presidency.

The ass-clown republicans (no, I won’t capitalize they don’t deserve it) enabled him. Every norm he broke, they tried to explain away. Every ally of the United States he offended and drove away, they said they were not true allies anyway. He attacked NATO. FUCKING NATO. He fawned over dictators and strongmen. He idolized fascists. Republicans still enabled him. Pushed him. Let “Trump be Trump”. They were getting what they wanted, cruel social policy and backwards and wrongheaded economic policy, more money for the rich under the tattered umbrella of “trickle down”. Advances for LGBTQ+ rights reversed, partisan *assholes* put on the Supreme Court.

Incivility, promotion of racists, and intolerance for minorities became the norm. Cruel policies abounded. Foreign policy mistakes everywhere. Grift and deception. LIES. Every day lies and more lies. A President who’s opinion changed based on whom he last spoke to or the last thing he saw on TV. A man who couldn’t really distinguish reality from lies. A man who lied as easily as breathing. I’m not even sure he was aware he was lying half the time. He believed a lot of those lies, because he lied to himself constantly. It's why he got so upset when he was challenged. His pathological lies were so easy because he believed them, at least while he was speaking.

Donald Trump was damaged. Fred Trump Sr. created this monster, molded him into this malignant narcissist. Donald Trump is a man who’s need for attention and praise is like a gaping maw that can never be filled, lined with inward-facing barbed teeth and an eternal scream of hunger for attention. If it wasn’t so malignant, it would be pitiable. But there is no redemption for Donald Trump. No forgiveness. His deliberate hate and cruelty precludes forgiveness.
Then the pandemic. He was told, briefed, and reminded of it. Woodward proved that Trump *knew* how bad it was. He *knew* what it could do to the country and the world. But because of his ego, malignant narcissism, and limited intellectual gifts he would not be guided, would not take it seriously. His delusion of power made him believe that he could bend reality, change what physically and factually was into what he wanted it to be. He said that COVID-19 was just going to go away. But it did not. As of this writing, 400,000 people have died just in the United States. How many more died internationally due to our lack of leadership. How many other countries ignored the coronavirus as politically inconvenient because Donald Trump and the United States of America ignored it?


The litany of the man’s villany, crimes and petty, grimy hate is too long to type out and honestly I do not have the stomach to make such a list. My anger at Donald Trump, my disgust with the man knows almost no limits. Just seeing his face or hearing him speak fills me with anger and turns my stomach. I’m not sure I’ve loathed a public figure as much as I loathe Donald Trump. As Clarence Darrow said “I have never killed anyone, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.” sums up the feelings I have for Donald Trump and his slimy craven enablers.

But today, I saw him leave Joint Base Andrews. Watched Air Force 1 take off and remove this turd of a man from Washington D.C. I imagined the sound of a clogged toilet suddenly freeing up with a sucking sound and a whoosh of foul water. The announcers on CNN laughed at him. CNN said "A plane load of grievances and grudges now taking off to Florida.” while Sinatra’s "My Way" played in the background. They laughed at it too. Awesome. A fitting end for a shell of anger, hate, resentment and stupidity in the shape of a man who managed to con a gullible nation into a position of power through a political trick in the Electoral College.

Now today I’ve watched Joe Biden get inaugurated. This is only the second inauguration I’ve watched, the first being Barack Obama’s first term. I cried three times. I didn’t expect to, but there it is. I’m not ashamed of it. The songs were outstanding. The new Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman gave the best poetry reading I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard my share. The words in Biden’s inaugural address were strong and hopeful.

Today is a good day. For once, today is a good day. I think tomorrow will be too.
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I've been dreading this day by georgeha (4.00 / 1) #1 Wed Jan 20, 2021 at 03:33:27 PM EST
rather, dreading that the right wing extremists had a few more arrows in their quiver. I'm feeling better now.

Man by barooo (4.00 / 1) #2 Thu Jan 21, 2021 at 04:47:21 PM EST
I just feel so much lighter.  I was also worried about yesterday, waiting for something to go wrong.  Biden was probably like my 5th choice, but you can't deny that he actually has empathy and is a real human being, and he legitimately means well.  That was the thing with Trump, there was just nothing there but ego, he just does not come across as having human motivations and probably doesn't actually have normal motivations, like you said.

I hope every day of the rest of his life is the worst day of his life.

man, i need a beefy taco now.
January 20, 2021 | 5 comments (5 topical, 2 hidden)