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By Trent (Sat Aug 08, 2020 at 08:14:45 PM EST) (all tags)
More Inside

I wake up screaming.  I hear some commotion and someone run into the room.  There is no door and they come right in.  The whisper loudly and sternly for me to shut up that I'll wake the others.  I nod.  I am sitting up.  They leave.  It is not pitch dark but it is not quite light either.  I sit up fully now.  I look around.  There are three no four other beds in here the room with me.  I blink, and then close my eyes and drift off, no laying down.  Did I, really scream so loudly that someone came from some where not here yet.  Yet there are four beds here with people in them just sleeping as if there's nothing at all going on.

I open my eyes.  The room has a bit more light coming from a window on the right.  I look around.  There are no beds, there are no other people in this room.  There is even a door now. Panic starts to set in.  I force myself to lay down. I close my eyes and drift back to sleep.
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