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By Trent (Sun Aug 09, 2020 at 07:35:25 PM EST) (all tags)
More Inside

I am standing by the right front bumper of an 18 wheeler.  It is raining.  It is dark. The light from the headlight is blinding me.  I back up a bit to secure my footing.

My left foot slides a bit and I panic a bit and this makes things slightly worse. I lose my footing and fall to the ground.  I am on the edge of blacktop and the soft rocky shoulder of a major interstate. I fall to my knees and take a breath.  I close my eyes and take another breath. I feel the rain stop.  I open my eyes and get back to my feet and make my way to the passenger side door. The rig is pulling a flatbed, that as far as I can tell is empty. I put my hand on the grab bar and the door opens a bit. I step up and pull the door open and then into the cab.

"You okay, there bud?"  The driver asks.  I pull the door shut and nod my head, yes.
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