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By anonimouse (Wed Jun 05, 2019 at 06:35:45 PM EST) (all tags)
 anonimouse goes egoSurfing (aka Vanity Searching)

I used to be quite pleased with myself that I had a few entries about 3 pages into the Google search results, but I seem to have sunk without trace. The top entry on my name is a stripper born in the same year as me.

One of my co-conspirators on a subject which made me Almost Famous managed to get most of the first 10 pages of search results about him due to persuing a range of interests from Prime Numbers to tiddlywinks, and he still seems to have most of the first 5 pages of entries about him.

CurvyGirl has the first page and a half of entries about her - so far.

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I'm quite happy that by wiredog (4.00 / 1) #1 Thu Jun 06, 2019 at 06:22:42 AM EST
my name is essentially un-Google-able. If you're logged into certain sites and we're connected through them I'll show up, but otherwise there's far more noise than signal.

Earth First!
(We can strip mine the rest later.)

I used to have the first 10-20 hits by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #2 Thu Jun 06, 2019 at 09:40:21 AM EST
back in the dotcom days. Three of the first ten are still me, one is my dad's twitter account, and I'm not sure of the others.

It helps to have an unusual name.

My twitter account by barooo (2.00 / 0) #3 Thu Jun 06, 2019 at 12:28:56 PM EST
Makes the 3rd page for my name.  But there is an art historian and an actor that share my name so they dominate. 

man, i need a beefy taco now.
Back when I was in academia ... by BlueOregon (2.00 / 0) #4 Fri Jun 07, 2019 at 02:12:21 PM EST
... there was someone with the same name, except for the middle initial. He was also in the midwest for a while, while I was. He was also in the humanities, later the so-called "digital humanities", except in English rather than German. He'd been active on usenet before I was, but our web-based/oriented activities started around the same time, so if you just searched our first and last names, we basically had the first page or so of results for a number of years, and we'd alternate one and two.

I'm no longer in the first page of google results.

I have the first two pages ... by me0w (2.00 / 0) #5 Sat Jun 08, 2019 at 07:53:50 AM EST
It's like I'm famous! (not really)

Nothing beside by Merekat (2.00 / 0) #6 Sat Jun 08, 2019 at 11:08:37 AM EST
I am lucky enough to share a name with a dead silent movie actress so I reside peacefully several pages in unless someone already knows some modifiers.

Look on my Works; nothing now Remains | 6 comments (6 topical, 0 hidden)