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By lm (Wed Oct 30, 2019 at 04:11:20 AM EST) (all tags)
It may be a stretch to call it a nightmare, but it was certainly an unpleasant dream.

The real life back story, before this past Saturday, I had scheduled date with a woman from OK Cupid this coming Friday to go see Throwdown Syndicate and Chumpus Khan at One Eight Distilling. This date was along the lines of what I had in mind to use OK Cupid for. Neither of us were looking for romance. She was more into getting hooked up with the local punk scene than hooking up with me.

Also of relevance is that at my family reunion a couple of weeks ago, we had a jello shot context.

In my dream, I realized that I should delete her number from the contact list in my phone. I went to do that and somehow accidentally sent her a text I had sent to my daughter about her rocking out that jello shot.

My would be concert going partner was all "WTF? I don't even like jello shots. Did you send this to the right person? What about this 'amazing woman' you found? Are you playing around behind her back?"

And then my phone started sending her a torrent of random sentences liberally punctuated with sex acts and images for various "adult" products. My phone had been infected with malware.

I kept trying to text a message to apologize but every time I did my phone would turn the message into an obscene and aggressive come on.

I pulled up the web browser to look for how to remove malware from an iPhone and my phone started spewing the same garbage into the search bar.

I shut down the messaging app and the browser and wondered how I was going to fix it.

And I felt bad about having probably wrecked that poor woman's morning.

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iPhone by Orion Blastar (2.00 / 0) #1 Thu Nov 07, 2019 at 01:14:58 AM EST
You might have to do a complete factory reset and recover from your last known backup if you did one.

iPhones get infected more often than Android phones because Apple refuses to allow antivirus products in their App Store and Android app stores allow them. Something about Mac and iPhones can't get infected.

You got hacked, now you need to get unhacked.

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