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By gzt (Wed Jan 02, 2019 at 06:11:08 PM EST) gzt, love you, bye (all tags)
over Christmas and only got around to trying to rescue them last night. Predictably, a mouse or some other creature got into them and also tore up a bag of kleenexes and a couple other things we had in there. cool beans.

Yes, this IS the gzt show.

Made pad thai for the first time the other day. Pretty easy when you just buy the sauce. The hard part is getting the right quantity of the fresh perishable ingredients so they don't go bad before you use them, because you'll have to buy more than what will go into the dish. Then made green curry last night. I think I've blasted my taste buds or something, because I'm just not feeling the heat anymore.

Glanced over the old K5 archives ( today for a moment - definitely stopped looking over there more than rarely maybe in 2005 and like never after 2006. There were some good days back there.

I've been clearing out my e-mail and looking at old e-mail accounts for a couple reasons - one thought is to  make it easier to download and archive old, worthwhile e-mails and to integrate beyond just webmail and such or something. As such, I'm running into some old, old e-mails. Also I'm noticing that some services really send a LOT of e-mail (as I'm deleting things). Like, I had over 7000 e-mails from LinkedIn. Uh, no. With that said: I might be responding to some ages-old e-mails that I neglected, if you have some unfinished business with me.

I've been trying Pocket lately: it's fantastic.

Okay, love you all, bye for now.

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